Community Outreach at Work

OMC Education class teaches others how to save lives.

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Reaching beyond our clinics and hospitals

The heart of high-tech care beats strongly outside our own physical facilities and into the everyday lives of the communities we serve. We offer a diversified menu of preventative health maintenance, disease management and lifestyle changes though classes, workshops, seminars and special events supervised and hosted by Olathe Health personnel.

Whenever we help someone stop smoking, cope with a parent’s Alzheimer’s or their own diabetes, or learn about a hopeful new surgical procedure, we’re opening a natural portal into the services of our entire health system. But more importantly, we’re offering each individual an opportunity for a potentially healthier life.OHSI’s involvement in community outreach has never been more active.  Most of the programs are focused on wellness services for the general public, clubs, organizations, and employers.  The examples are many, but include flu shot clinics, free screenings at health fairs, diabetes education, and cancer support groups.