Which WellPower is right for you?

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WellPower Speaks

The WellPower Speaker's Bureau offers a variety of interesting, timely and educational program topics for your group.

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Positive Steps to a Healthier Life

Get Healthy. Stay Healthy.

We have the power to help you do just that. WellPower, an outreach health program of Olathe Health, is especially designed to integrate healthier everyday habits through the workplace or other organizational or group structure. Best of all, we bring WellPower to you. We offer turnkey solutions to create healthier employees (or members).

Benefits to the employer: Being healthy works.

It’s true: A healthy workplace is a more productive workplace. Heightened productivity, reduced absenteeism, and, in many cases, reduced health claims and lower healthcare costs—they’re all possible when employees acquire healthier habits. WellPower can help make that happen.

Benefits to the participant: getting healthier is getting easier.

The group dynamic can be a powerful motivator! Lose weight, stop smoking, start a walking program—it’s always easier with a buddy. Maybe all that’s needed is a little extra WellPower. WellPower can help provide the materials, the resources, and the incentive to take that first step toward healthier habits.

Make WellPower your very own program.

WellPower can be customized to your desired level of involvement. You can choose an onsite visit, a speaker for your group, a three-point onsite assessment, or add additional screenings. Our most comprehensive WellPower program, SimplyWell, is totally individualized and can include ongoing monitoring and wellness coaching.

To learn more about how you can implement WellPower in your business or organization, please call 913-791-4311 or information@olathehealth.org.