Childbirth & Parenting Classes

Olathe Medical Center offers a number of classes to help prepare families for their new arrival. 

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Doctors Who Deliver Babies

The positive childbirth experience at The Birth Place begins with your choice of doctor. Let us help you take that first step. 

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Amenities of The Birth Place

Amenities of The Birth Place

The Birth Place redefines the childbirth environment. 

From the time you're admitted, throughout the birthing experience, and until you take your new baby home, you'll experience caring and professionalism at Olathe Medical Center.

Each room feels more like a spa than a hospital.

  • Relax in the whirlpool tub. 
  • Stretch out in a queen-size bed (for your partner to share, if you wish). 
  • Admire your newborn sleeping nearby in the bassinet. 
  • Enjoy the attention of nurses who pamper the entire family. 
  • Listen to your labor playlist on the in-room entertainment center
  • Share a meal at the dining table.


It's these details that add up to make the experience of having your baby at Olathe Medical Center unforgettable.

Our emphasis is on exceptional medical care.

Although your room is comfortably homelike, all necessary medical equipment and expertise is right there too, accessible in an instant. The Birth Place is equipped with state-of-the-art maternal and newborn monitoring systems with a well-baby and special care nursery. 

Anesthesia services are available within the hospital 24 hours a day, and Cesarean deliveries can be performed in the surgical suites within The Birth Place. Multiple security measures are in place to ensure the safety and security of our patients and their families throughout their stay.

New The Birth Place with Neonatal ICU Opening Spring 2017!

Our new, 105,000 square foot, four-story obstetrics wing with a Level II neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is scheduled to open in spring 2017. Sometimes, unexpected situations arise and extra care is necessary for newborns, even in the healthiest of pregnancies. Our new Level II NICU with single-family rooms will be equipped with more incubators, ventilators, and specialized monitoring equipment to care for sick and premature newborn infants born at 32-weeks gestational age or greater as well as full-term babies who need extra support. The Level II NICU staff includes RNs specially trained in the care of high risk infants, neonatal nurse practitioners and board-certified neonatologists.

It all begins with the right doctors. 

The positive childbirth experience at The Birth Place begins with your choice of doctor. Let us help you take that first step. 

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In addition to our highly-trained physicians and staff at The Birth Place, we have neonatal nurse practitioners, around-the-clock, with specialized training of care for newborns who are at risk or experiencing difficulties after delivery. They help provide an extra layer of security and comfort for staff and patients on-site. While most deliveries result in a healthy, thriving baby, it is reassuring to parents and staff to know that if an emergency should arise, there are specialists available in the nursery 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Other Unique Touches

Olathe Medical Center Web Nursery

Share your child's first photograph with loved ones through our Web Nursery. Olathe Medical Center has partnered with Bella Baby Photography, an in-hospital photography service for newborns, to provide new parents an easy way to share their child's first photograph.  The photographer comes to your room for a private photo shoot.  Remember to bring that special baby outfit or baby can show a little skin in his/her birthday suit.

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The Newborn Channel

The Newborn Channel is now available online, as well as in your hospital room.  It has many shows on multiple topics related to newborn care and safety issues, breastfeeding, car seat safety, CPR, postpartum depression, juggling work and family. Please follow the link and use password 02052.

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