Kansas Cardiovascular Center

The advanced resources, the caring specialists, and their collective experience make a profound difference in the treatment of heart disease—and can make a miraculous difference in the life of the patient.

Robert Robitaille was working at home when he noticed a tightness across his back and thought he might be having a heart attack.

“So I kinda made a decision after looking at myself in the mirror saying, you know, I have things to live for that I need to seek some medical attention,” said Robitaille, Olathe resident and patient of the Kansas Cardiovascular Center.

He came to the Emergency Room at Olathe Medical Center where, within five minutes of his arrival, an EKG confirmed that he was having a heart attack. Then his heart went into an arrhythmia and the cath lab team went into action to stabilize his heart into a normal rhythm.

“All of us work great as a team,” said LG Moore, Cath Lab Nurse. “We’re all there for one reason – to help save the heart muscle to get the patient better. Yes, he was a very lucky guy, coming to Olathe, with the resources that we have,”

After 3 days as an inpatient, Robert was released to begin cardiac therapy. Now, he has returned to work, to his favorite activities, to a normal life.

“You know, I’ve driven by here knowing there are wonderful people here doing wonderful things for people,” said Robitaille. “I’ve just never really thought that I’d have to experience it firsthand.”