What Makes the Pavilion a Green Facility?

The Pavilion is the first LEED certified healthcare facility in this area. The gold-level certification reflects the energy emphasis utilized throughout the building's components.

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Features of the Pavilion


Open MRI: Clarity without compromise. Comfort without claustrophobia.

The newest generation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) combines superb clarity of image with the greatest possible patient comfort. The open structure makes the entire procedure readily accessible for patients of any size. Fast, accurate diagnosis helps reduce patient anxiety.


DEXA Scan: Good to the bone.

Your skeletal structure is a dynamic, changing part of your physical structure. Good bone health relies on the knowledge of your bone condition. Advanced DEXA scanning readily calculates bone density to determine if osteoporosis is an issue, to see if treatment is currently indicated, or simply to track density changes.

For joint replacement patients, a DEXA scan can provide reassurance that healing is progressing as desired and that replaced joints are integrating with existing bone and tissues.

Another important DEXA benefit is at the other end of the age spectrum. DEXA technology can diagnose “failure to thrive” disorders in pediatric patients to enable early responsive treatment.


Women’s Imaging Suite

We took the dedicated brand of attention that women have repeatedly told us they appreciate about Olathe Medical Center’s signature caregiving and reinforced it with a tranquil, spa-like setting in our Pavilion. Addressing women’s special health concerns, the Women’s Imaging Suite offers diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound and bone density/osteoporosis testing, plus an emphasis on making every woman’s mammography experience as comfortable as it can possibly be.


3D Mammography offers a new dimension in breast cancer detection.

3D Mammography is the most exciting advancement in breast cancer screening in 30 years. It enables doctors to look at breast tissue in dozens of 1 mm layers. This allows for more precise imaging to reduce unnecessary, and sometimes worrisome, callbacks.  Soft, disposable breast pads add cushioning and increase comfort. Our understanding, experienced staff, including radiologists, is dedicated to mammography.


A comforting friend for small patients. And their parents.

X-rays can seem intimidating to our tiniest patients. Tigger helps ease their fears. Tigger demonstrates the proper placement and positioning, then moves out of the way so young patients can be “just like Tigger.” He’s a friendly touch for both patients and parents, as well as assuring correct imaging to help prevent unnecessary repeat exposures.


Nuclear imaging: Giving function to form

This imaging technique utilizes small amounts of radioactive materials and a specialized gamma camera to enable the physician to better visualize the structure and function of an organ, tissue, bone, or system for accurate diagnosis.


Pre-surgical tests in one convenient place

The Pavilion makes it convenient for patients to take care of all physician-ordered pre-surgical and pre-procedure tests in one easy stop: blood tests, other specimen collection, EKG, conventional x-ray. Park nearby. Come in. It’s done.


Scheduling is centralized and easy.

Scheduling for all Pavilion services, including mammography, is centralized through a single number: 913-791-4395.