National Women's Organization Honors OMC's Breast Cancer Program

OMC was named one of the 2015 America's Best Hospitals for Breast Centers by WomenCertified, Inc, home of the Women's Choice Award. 

The Breast Cancer Care Team

At Olathe Medical Center, we want to ensure all breast cancer patients receive the best possible services and care. Download our Cancer Resource Guide or contact our Breast Cancer Patient Navigator.

Breast Health Nurse Navigators
Kerrie Miller, BSN, RN, OCN, CCM

List of Breast Cancer Physicians

Breast Care

Breast Care

Breast health is top priority for Olathe Health because it's so important to our patients and the people who love them. We offer a full range of breast care services and expertise, starting with our primary care doctors and including 3D mammography, skilled surgeons and oncologists and a Cancer Resource Center.


Accredited Breast Care Center

OMC's Breast Care Center is accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. This means our patients get comprehensive care with state-of-the-art services and a multidisciplinary team approach to coordinate the best treatment options. The care team includes surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, nurse navigators and multiple support staff members to provide timely diagnosis and treatment of patients and ongoing monitoring of patients' outcomes.


3D Mammography

Yearly mammograms are recommended for women, starting at age 40. Olathe Medical Center now offers 3D mammography, the most exciting advancement in breast cancer screening in 30 years. It enables doctors to look at breast tissue in dozens of 1 mm layers. This allows for more precise imaging to reduce unnecessary, and sometimes worrisome, callbacks. Soft, disposable breast pads add cushioning and increase comfort. Our understanding, experienced staff, including radiologists, is dedicated to mammography.

To schedule a mammogram, call The Women's Imaging Suite at Olathe Medical Pavilion at 913-791-4395, or Miami County Medical Center at 913-294-6611.


Cancer Resources

Olathe Health offers cancer resources and support groups for people with cancer. If you are looking for a cancer specialist or need a second opinion, you can find physicians specializing in cancer care by using the Find a Specialist link in the top left side of this screen.

The Cancer Resource Center provides information and services for cancer patients and families. Call 913-393-8230 for more information.

Cancer Support Groups & Resources

Rehabilitation Services

Breast Reconstruction



Breast Cancer Survivor Stories

Vivian Bandel

Her mammogram came back abnormal. Every woman's fear.

Vivian's cancer journey began in December of 2010 when she first learned of her breast cancer diagnosis. She went and saw her family care physician Darrin Davis, DO, at Olathe Health Family Medicine - Blackfoot, a part of Olathe Health. After years of seeing Vivian as a patient, Dr. Davis knew her - her bubbly personality, the faithful woman who regularly attends bible study, the person who strives to respond to people with kindness. And he knew she had a long journey ahead. He wanted her to receive the best care, and OMC's nationally accredited Breast Care Center would provide just what she needed: cutting edge, collaborative and caring breast cancer treatment.

After her biopsy, Vivian found out she had invasive ductal cell carcinoma that had spread to some of her lymph nodes. Dawn H. Jones, MD, would be the general surgeon who would treat Vivian through this part of her journey. Sue Maughan, breast cancer patient navigator, remembers the day Vivian learned her diagnosis and plan for treatment.

"Of course Vivian was apprehensive, but Dr. Jones takes a full hour with her patients and explains to them slowly and in-depth about what to expect," Sue said. "After Vivian spoke with Dr. Jones, I could see she was visibly calmer."



Michelle Mercer

Michelle's early diagnosis may have saved her life.

Nurse Michelle Mercer (pictured left) knew early cancer detection could save lives. She had been a nurse for a long time and had seen it firsthand. In 2010, it became part of her personal story.

Some years before, in her 30s, the wife and mother of two had noticed a linear, firm area on the outer right side of one of her breasts. It felt like muscle, not a lump, and she didn't feel it all of the time. It was just one of those things, Michelle thought, nothing to worry about. She did self-exams regularly and, because of a family history of breast cancer, had a baseline mammogram at 35, with annual follow-ups.

But when Michelle was 40 and noticed the spot again, something told her she should be more aggressive about checking it out. She scheduled a digital mammogram at Olathe Medical Pavilion.

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Mary Jo Sandberg

When Mary Jo raced against breast cancer, 
a connected team of caregivers ran with her

In a routine physical in December of 2004, Mary Jo Sandberg’s primary care physician, Dr. Kathryn Chartrand, discovered a lump in Mary Jo’s breast and recommended that she schedule a mammogram at Olathe Medical Center. Abnormal findings on the mammogram led to an ultrasound-guided biopsy that confirmed the presence of cancer. That’s when Team Mary Jo began to take shape.

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(Pictured, right: Mary Jo Sandberg, 50, Olathe Marathon runner, breast cancer survivor, and participant in the 2009 Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure in Kansas City.)