Colonoscopy Screenings

Colorectal cancer, also called colon cancer, is the second leading cancer killer in the U.S. Screening tests, like a colonoscopy, can find and remove precancerous growths in the colon before they turn into cancer, and diagnose colon cancer early when treatment is most successful.

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Life-Saving Cancer Diagnosis and Surgery at Miami County Medical Center

Life-Saving Cancer Diagnosis and Surgery at Miami County Medical Center

When Wanda Chisam's doctor first told her she had colon cancer, she was so upset that she stormed out of the appointment and drove herself home. Later that night, Dr. Christopher Lewis, a surgeon with Olathe Health Miami County Surgical Associates, called Wanda to comfort her, and discuss her diagnosis and options.

"I was devastated, and I'm the type of person who runs instead of confronting things head-on," Wanda said. "But Dr. Lewis is so patient and kind, he really took the extra time to listen to me and calm me down, even though I wasn't so nice to him earlier that day."

Wanda was referred to Dr. Lewis initially by Janet French, a certified Physician Assistant at Olathe Health Family Medicine - Osawatomie. Dr. Lewis performed a screening colonoscopy on Wanda at Miami County Medical Center (MCMC). That's when he first discovered Wanda's colon cancer.

"I have never been sick before," Wanda said. "Never taken a pill, even, until this."

Dr. Lewis met with Wanda and her family after the endoscopy to explain her diagnosis and treatment options.

"The tumor was large enough to require surgically removing part of her large intestine, using a procedure called a right hemicolectomy," Dr. Lewis said. "It involves removing the diseased section of colon and reattaching the small intestines to the remaining portion of the colon."

Wanda and her children initially considered seeking treatment at a larger hospital, but after talking at length with Dr. Lewis, they chose to continue her treatment at MCMC.

"I definitely trust Dr. Lewis, and when he told me I could stay close to home and have my surgery here, I trusted him," Wanda said.

Wanda had her surgery the day after Easter this past spring. At least 12 of her family members flooded the waiting room that day, Wanda remembers. "And Dr. Lewis took the time to talk to every single person in my family that day to let them know how the surgery went," she said. "Later I asked him, ‘Don't I have a great family?'"

After her surgery, Wanda recovered at MCMC. During her stay, she and her family were reminded time and time again of the value of their community hospital.

"The nursing care I received was incredible - they waited on me like I was the most important person there," Wanda said.

"I'm surrounded by friends and family here," Wanda explained. "It's been such a positive experience, considering how it all began!"

"The nurses and staff got to know my family, my children and me. Everyone was so kind. The doctor did the treatment and the good Lord did the healing."

Since her surgery, Wanda continues to see Dr. Lewis. Even though no additional cancer treatment has been necessary, she will receive close monitoring by Olathe Health's oncology team at Olathe Cancer Care.

To schedule a colonoscopy at MCMC, call 913-557-0700.