Obstetrics and gynecology, often abbreviated at Ob/Gyn, are the two specialties dealing with the female reproductive organs. The board certified Ob/Gyn specialists on staff at Olathe Medical Center are adept at the management of the entire scope of care for both pregnant and non-pregnant patients. 

To find a physician specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, please use the Find a Specialist tool in the upper left corner of this screen.


The Birth Place at Olathe Medical Center

An environment that feels more like home than hospital. A comfortable queen-sized bed. A relaxing whirlpool tub. An in-room crib. Oh. how we baby our families! While the atmosphere at The Birth Place at Olathe Medical Center is definitely spa-like, the philosophy of our staff nurses and caregivers and our network of obstetricians and family physicians couldn't be more down to earth. We simply want to deliver the most positive childbirth experience possible.


Gynecology at Miami County Medical Center

Going to the gynocologist is a positive experience when your doctor listens first, and when you're immediately reassured by her expertise. With the arrival of Dr. Sara Krueger, Miami County Medical Center adds gynecology to its list of specialties.


Women's Health

The Women’s Center at Olathe Medical Center is connected to a system of care specifically geared towards women, including specialized inpatient and surgical care, advanced 3D mammography services, family-focused care and support, women’s health physical therapy, and a full staff of board-certified physicians focused on providing advanced care for women.


Infertility (Reproductive Endocrinology)

Olathe Health's board-certified reproductive endrocrinologists work closely with couples facing infertility through diagnosis and various treatment options.